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Bupleurum Root
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         If you have come to this site, we assume that you already know you have some form of liver concerns.  You are looking for simple answers to your problem, not complicated medical explanations of what disorder you have.  So we won’t bore you or insult your intelligence with highly medical terms.  If you are more interested in understanding why you have liver disease, there are plenty of websites on the internet that can enlighten you and probably put you to sleep in the process.   We, on the other hand, are here to help you find simple solutions.

   Some of the reasons you may have come here:

   You have a liver problem because of long-term alcohol use.  You have now given up this dangerous alcohol “drug” (yes, alcohol is a drug) and you want to know how to protect your liver and maybe reverse some of the damage the alcohol has already done to your liver and immune system.

   You have liver disease caused by a virus, such as Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B.  You have already tried conventional western approaches to treating your disease (i.e. interferon), but you have become frustrated with the side-effects or the outcome. Or you have not tried 'chemical' drugs, but you are looking for natural methods to support and help your liver.

   You are just here to learn more about “natural” ways to help strengthen and support your liver so you can lead a healthy life.

        Regardless of the reason, you are HERE - -  and WE are ready to HELP YOU.

In a Nutshell: 

        May we first congratulate you for wanting to take control of your life and your health.  You have decided, and we think rightfully so, that good health is so much more than the treatment of disease symptoms.  We want you to know that living the “natural” way is not as hard as you may think.  Of course, you may have to change your mind-set a little about your lifestyle and your preset ways to looking at your body.


        Natural solutions to good health and a good liver are all around us. They are as fresh and natural as the plants around us, and the clean water and air that we used to breathe when we were kids. Unfortunately, today’s air and water are not so clean anymore, especially if you live in or near a big city.  But, fortunately, there are ways around modern day problems we all face.

        Have you ever wondered why the Chinese live healthier and longer lives than almost any other people in the world? One of the main reasons is their use of rejuvenating herbs. The Chinese have had remarkable success with herbal curative formulas….They've been developing, improving and perfecting them for over 5,000 years.

        Recently, traditional Chinese herbs have been subjected to modern Western medicine scrutiny and research. What has been discovered is that there is a genuine scientific basis to the efficacy long claimed for many of these traditional herbs and substances. Chinese herbs usually offer safer and cheaper alternatives to western drugs, without their side effects.   Since the actions of individual herbs are well understood, this has led to a unique system of combining the herbs into SPECIAL FORMULAS.

        The following herbs are known to support and help people suffering with various forms of liver disease.  They have scientific documentation as to their effectiveness and most of these products are virtually non-toxic.

Western Herbs:

Dandelion Root
Milk Thistle
Green Tea leaves
Olive Leaf Extract
Other essential ingredients:

Phosphatidylcholine (only 70%-100% pure)
Thymus Extracts 

Indian Ayurvedic herbs:

What can I expect from taking an herbal ingredient or an herbal formula for my liver disease?

        The answer depends upon the stage of progression and how damaged your liver is presently. To understand more about how herbal formulas can help you, let's explain briefly how the liver becomes damaged in the first place.


        In modern times, the liver has been assaulted by thousands of toxins, many coming from viruses, pharmaceuticals, pollutants and self-abusive lifestyle. The process of liver disease starts with inflammation of the liver cells.  The liver tries to repair itself, but the toxin may be too much for the liver to handle. And when liver cells die, the liver can stop functioning properly, and leave us vulnerable to further damage..

  But can herbal formulas help me?

        We now know that the vast majority of individuals can currently be helped with herbal formulas. This is because most people do not have cirrhosis, but fibrosis.  It is true that fibrosis, if left unchecked, can turn into cirrhosis, so it is best to treat liver disease at the fibrosis stage if possible.  This gives the liver a chance to regenerate and create new liver cells that are better able to fight liver disease.

        If an individual has cirrhosis, then, too, all is not lost.  Since cirrhosis has 3 stages (early, middle, and late) most people with early or middle stage cirrhosis can be helped with herbal preparations.  It has been clearly shown that those in early or middle stage cirrhosis can have a partial reversal of their cirrhosis with herbal formulas.

   So, which formulas and herbs are best to use?

        First, it is important to know what herbs can and cannot do based upon their chemical makeup and the scientific research available for that particular herb. For example, we know from the medical literature that milk thistle can protect an individual’s liver from industrial and chemical poisons (i.e. paint chemicals, tar, motor exhaust); however, since milk thistle is not anti-viral, it is not beneficial, by itself, in fighting viral disorders like hepatitis b or hepatitis c.

        This is not to say that milk thistle should not be used.  It should.  Just realize that, in addition to milk thistle, herbal anti-virals must also be used in viral diseases. (i.e. bupleurum, astragalus, andrographis, licorice, schizandra, olive leaf extract).
The LIST below contains a summary of some of individual herbal uses in liver disease, as found in the scientific journals and periodicals. A fuller explanation of each individual herb can be found by clicking on the words: 'More about Herbs' at the end of any paragraph below.


•  BUPLEURUM ROOT (CHAI HU): Bupleurum is one of the most important herbs used in Chinese herbalism. Because of its detoxifying and anti-microbial properties, it has the ability to relieve liver tension and digestive disturbances. It is the primary herb regulating body energy, for relieving blockages in the body and then allowing the toxins to be discharged safely out of the system. More about Herbs...

•  WHITE PEONY (BAI SHAO YAO): The peony flower is the national flower of China. Peony root is highly prized for its ability to relax muscle and cleanse the blood. It relieves cramps and spasms anywhere in the body and is highly effective in relieving menstrual pain.      More about Herbs...

•  PRIVET FRUIT-LIGUSTRUM (NU ZHEN ZI): Privet fruit (ligustrum) is a shrub native to China and eastern Asia, but is now grown ornamentally in the United States. Used for a wide range of conditions, privet fruit is a tonic for the liver and kidneys. It helps to lower liver enzymes, inhibits degeneration and reduces necrosis of liver cells. More about Herbs...

•  ECLIPTA (HAN LIAN CAO): Eclipta is found in the lowlands of East Asia from China to Australia. The leaves are cooked and eaten as a vegetable and also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a cooling and restorative herb that supports the liver, the mind and eyes. More about Herbs...

•  LYCIUM BERRY-WOLFBERRY FRUIT (GOU QI ZI): Lycium berry fruit contains polysaccharides which have been demonstrated to strongly fortify the immune system. It is very rich in Vitamins C and B, and is the richest source of carotenoids, (including beta-carotene) in the world. More about Herbs...

•  ANDROGRAPHIS (CHUAN XIN LIAN): Andrographis is used to rid the body of heat, as in fevers, and to dispel toxins from the body. In Scandinavian countries, it is commonly used to prevent and treat common colds. Research has confirmed that, properly administered, andrographis can be: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, cardio-protective, digestive-promoting, liver-protective, immune- enhancing and anti-cancer. More about Herbs...

•  SICHUAN LOVAGE ROOT-LIGUSTICUM (CHUAN XIONG): The Sichuan lovage rhizome is a perennial plant with white flowers, grown in Sichuan, China, that bear fruit in August and September of each year. It is considered by Eastern medical view to regulate and invigorate the blood, dispel wind and to relieve pain. More about Herbs...

•  ASTRAGALUS ROOT (HUANG QI): Astragalus is one of the oldest known herbs in Chinese Medicine and has been used for over 2000 years to strengthen the body as a whole, strengthen muscle, and improve metabolic functions. More about Herbs...

•  PORIA (FU LING): Poria is very widely used in Chinese herbalism as a tonic to benefit the internal organs. It is a solid fungus which grows on the roots of old pine trees. It is a mild, safe and effective diuretic, used in hundreds of classical formulas to improve the flow of water through the body. More about Herbs...

MELIA FRUIT (CHUAN LIAN ZI): Also known as the Sichuan pagoda tree, melia regulates qi (energy pathways) and stops pain, especially flank pain and pain in the lower ribs or abdomen. This is usually caused by liver-stomach disharmony or liver qi (energy) stagnation. More about Herbs...

•  PEACH KERNEL (TAO REN): Peach kernel is found in all parts of China. Peach kernel helps promote circulation, dissolves accumulated clots, and acts as a laxative for dry intestines. More about Herbs...

•  SCHIZANDRA FRUIT (WU WEI ZI): Schizandra is one of the primary liver cleansing and hepatic protective herbs used in Chinese herbalism. By taking schizandra regularly, it is possible to rid the body of toxins before they have a chance to do serious damage.       More about Herbs...

•  SOPHORA ROOT (SHAN DOU GEN): The active ingredient in sophora root is oxymatrine. Oxymatrine can prevent liver cell damage through its affect on the cytochrome P450 pathway. Thus, it can strengthen the detoxification capability of the liver.              More about Herbs...

•  SICHUAN OX KNEE ROOT (CHUAN NIU XI): This is the root of the Achyranthes, a perennial plant, grown in China, Japan and India. It promotes blood circulation, regulates menstruation, nourishes the liver and kidneys and strengthens bones and muscles.       More about Herbs...

•  LICORICE (GAN CAO): Licorice is the most frequently used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been extensively studied. It is a sweet, mild herb and has many functions. It has anti-viral effects and can inhibit virus proliferation. More about Herbs...

•  MILK THISTLE (SILYMARIN): Silymarin is a flavonolignan derived from milk thistle.  Silymarin offers good protection in liver disorders through its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Silymarin has application in drug induced liver diseases as well as chemical and environmental toxins that can damage the liver.  More about Herbs…

•  TRIPHALA: An Ayurvedic herbal formula consisting of three Indian fruits, Triphala is popular for its ability to gently cleanse and detoxify the body, especially the digestive system. Sometimes acting as an analgesic, it has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and anti-viral properties.  More about Herbs…

•  PICORRHIZA:   Picrorhiza is a perennial herb that grows high in the Himalayas. The root and rhizome of this plant have been used in Indian traditional medicine since ancient times to treat liver disorders. The rhizome or root has been shown to protect the body against alcohol and toxic overdose of acetaminophen (Tylenol). More about Herbs…

•  PHYLLANTHUS:   Phyllanthus is an herb found in central and southern India. Used for over 2000 years, it has a number of traditional uses for jaundice, liver disease, and diabetes. Containing ingredients that are anti-viral, there has been some research that the lignans in Phyllanthus are helpful in Hepatitis B virus. More about Herbs …

ARTICHOKES:   European doctors regularly prescribe artichoke extracts to patients with liver problems. Artichokes have been used to treat jaundice and other liver complaints since as far back as the eighteenth century. Artichokes protect the liver from damage and help it regenerate.  More about Herbs…

•  DANDELION:    Dandelion leaves produce a diuretic effect while the roots act as an antiviral agent, appetite stimulant, digestive aid, and may help promote gastrointestinal health. Dandelion flower has antioxidant properties. Dandelion may also help improve the immune system.  More about Herbs….

•  OLIVE LEAF:   The leaves contain potent phytochemicals one of which is called oleuropein. Has been shown to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.                      More about Herbs …

•  GREEN TEA:   Green tea contains a polyphenol called EGCG which offers anti-oxidative protective effects especially in cardiovascular disease and in preventing the growth of some tumors.  Green tea is useful in a number of chronic diseases.  More about Herbs ….
  Where can I find the herbs (formulas) discussed on this website?

        We would recommend the following strategy to find 'suitable' herbal formulas for your specific needs:

  •    Perform a Google Search or Yahoo Search for combinations of herbs.  For example, we recommend you try the following combinations in the search box:

2.bupleurum root and privet fruit
3.privet fruit and lycium berry
4.eclipta and privet fruit
5.sophora root and schizandra and bupleurum root

  •    Examine herbal formulas that contain herbs derived from laboratories that are GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices).

  •    Use the scientific information gleaned from this website to further enhance your understanding of the herbal formulas.

  •    Always inquire of the manufacturer of the herbal formulas as to the safety of their formulas and the quality of their herbs.

  •    Email us: We can help recommend quality herbal formulas that may help you--
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Summary of Individual Herbs
This is an informational Web site only. This Web site is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem
•  THYMUS EXTRACTS:  Thymus extracts have the ability to mobilize the immune defenses in patients suffering from chronic infections and immune system deficiency. The extracts fortify the damaged immune system, improve immune status, and help fight the disease.   More about Herbs ...

•  PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE:   A natural lipid derived from soybeans, phosphatidylcholine is critical and essential for optimal liver function to continue.  Extensive research has shown that it protects the liver against damage from infection due to viral, bacterial and fungal causes, improves liver enzyme functions tests, and slows down liver damage.
More about Herbs ...